Enable Smart enFuse™

Enable Injections has partnered with Flex to develop the Enable Smart enFuse™ in order to further differentiate Enable through IoT innovation. This next generation of smart device utilizes Bluetooth Low Energy technology by means of broadcast mode, following Enable’s strategy of designing simple systems for maximum effectiveness with minimal interaction. The Enable Smart enFuse™ wearable injector can be pre-integrated into a company’s Digital Health Platform, such as that developed by Flex, giving Enable’s pharma partners the ability to integrate with a platform to gain immediate access to patient data across multiple devices, gaining more direct engagement with patients to drive adherence.

Benefits and Features


  • Three pieces of information transmitted:
    1. When it’s powered on
    2. When it starts delivery
    3. When it completes delivery
  • Bluetooth Low Energy broadcast-only requires no “listening” for data from host device
  • Offers real-time device performance data


  • Bluetooth Low Energy broadcast-only hardware prohibits hijacking or loading of malicious software
  • Unusable binary numbers transmitted unless proper application installed
  • Software is loaded onto the device in the factory, preventing unauthorized alteration once deployed
  • HIPAA compliant data transmission

Minimized Power Consumption

  • Only radio transmission signals from device provided by Bluetooth Low Energy broadcast
  • Sleep mode, waking up only when new data needs to be broadcast
  • Bluetooth Low Energy broadcast-only requires no “listening” for data from host device


  • User interaction with the smart system is simple and intuitive – the patient simply opens an app on their phone then uses the device to deliver medication as normal
  • Data transmission is automatic

Minimized Cost

  • Integrated electronics are small (microchip) fitting inside the button of the device for a convenient package
  • Low cost broadcast