Engineered with
the Patient in Mind

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Meet enFuse®

Meet the enFuse, a platform of wearable infusion devices designed to enable subcutaneous self-administration of high-volume therapeutics.

The enFuse platform, developed and manufactured by Enable Injections, is designed to provide a multitude of options to easily transfer drugs from any standard container closure to the enFuse on-body infusor.

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Committed to You

The enFuse® is developed and manufactured by Enable Injections with the mission of enabling user-administered subcutaneous delivery of high-volume therapeutics outside of a healthcare facility.

Enable employees are technology experts focused on an exceptional patient experience in collaboration with our biopharma partners.

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Enable Injections - On-Body Large-Volume drug delivery devices

Our Advantage

  • High-Volumes (5 mL – 50 mL)
  • Range of Viscosity (0 – 100+ cp)
  • Constant Pressure System
  • Standard Container Closure Compatible
  • Flexible Dosing Options
  • Engineered with the Patient in Mind
  • Discreet profile
  • Allows mobility during infusion
  • Optimized via Human Factors

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EnFuse On-Body Infuser Advantages - Enable Injections

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