enFuseTM On-Body Infusor

Engineered with the Patient in Mind

Meet enFuseTM

Meet the enFuse, a platform of wearable devices designed to enable subcutaneous self-administration of high-volume therapeutics.

The enFuse platform, developed and manufactured by Enable Injections, is designed to provide a multitude of options to easily transfer drugs from any standard container closure to the enFuse.

Enable’s device platform can be developed for use with small molecule and biologic drug formulations across a range of viscosities. Watch our enFuse brand video here.

Contact us to learn more about subcutaneous infusion with the enFuse wearable platform.

enFuse Advantages

  • High-Volumes (5 mL – 50 mL)
  • Range of Viscosity (0 – 100+ cp)
  • Constant Pressure System, adapts to patient
  • Standard Container Closure Compatible
  • Flexible Dosing Options
  • Engineered with the Patient in Mind
    • Discreet profile
    • Allows mobility during infusion
    • Optimized via Human Factors