Committed to the User Experience

Our Mission

The enFuse®, developed and manufactured by Enable Injections, is designed to enable user-administered subcutaneous delivery of high-volume therapeutics outside of a healthcare facility.

Biopharma companies collaboratively partner with Enable Injections to differentiate their portfolios with an ultimate development goal of empowering patients to achieve improved outcomes.

Enable employees are technology experts focused on an exceptional patient experience in collaboration with our biopharma partners.

Our History

We may be small, but we are no startup.

February 2010:
Mike Hooven, backed by an experienced team of executives and Board members, founded Enable Injections in Cincinnati, Ohio. As CEO of Enable Injections, Mike utilized his prior experience in founding the following successful medical device companies:

  • Enable Medical Corporation was founded in 1994. Its acquisition in 2005 returned over 33x to initial investors.
  • AtriCure (ATRC) was founded in 2000 and completed an IPO in August 2005. AtriCure is currently the leading company in the world in the surgical treatment of Atrial Fibrillation. In 2019, Atricure has a market capitalization of over $500 million.

Enable Injections engineering and design efforts are established in Franklin, Ohio.

The Enable Injections team moves into a new space, renovated as a pharmaceutical-grade device facility in northern Cincinnati.

Enable Injections closes $30M Series A Financing.

Enable Injections closes $40M Series B Financing.

Our Quality

Quality Policy
Enable Injections is committed to developing and manufacturing innovative drug delivery systems that satisfy Customer and Regulatory requirements, and to maintain the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.



At Enable Injections, patient insights drive us to continuously explore ways to improve the patient experience, increase patient safety, and reduce the healthcare burden. The enFuse® delivery system is an innovative product designed to benefit patients, physicians, payers, and society.

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