At-Home Drug Delivery of Large Molecule Medicines – The Future Is Now

At-Home Drug Delivery of Large Molecule Medicines

Current large volume drug delivery methods generally require the patient and provider to be in the clinic. However, the desire to treat patients outside the clinic is growing, not only in the era of COVID-19, but also as treatment durations grow and disease is caught earlier. For drug developers invested in early and chronic disease areas such as oncology, respiratory disease, or neuroscience, convenient drug delivery is a brand necessity. Dosing outside the clinic has traditionally been challenging. But new delivery technologies are facilitating this possibility, leading to improved patient compliance and better outcomes.

In our latest webinar, Pharma leaders, a KOL, and an innovator discuss technologies that can aid at-home patient-administered drug delivery – and how improving patient convenience can result in product differentiation and revenue growth.

The webinar covered three key points on subcutaneous drug delivery – including links to the blog recap series:

  1. Large-Volume Subcutaneous Delivery Is Feasible (link).
  2. Benefits of Large-Volume Wearable Drug Delivery Technology (link).
  3. When should Pharma engage with Large-Volume Subcutaneous Delivery Technology?

Watch the webinar recap video below for glimpse into the panel discussion.

Access the full webinar content here: At-Home Drug Delivery of Large Molecule Medicines.

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