enFuse Enables Flexibility for Pharma

Join our mission to redefine drug delivery with our new executive video series, Enable Wearable Delivery. The first video, “enFuse Enables Flexibility for Pharma” features Enable Injections’ CEO Mike Hooven discussing the flexibility of the enFuse system.

Transcript below:

The enFuse delivery system is capable of delivering large volumes of subcutaneous therapeutics. enFuse is unique in the drug delivery space because it is fully mechanical and is designed to be simple, lightweight, and offer flexibility. This flexibility the enFuse offers is one of the greatest advantages.

The enFuse is capable of delivering any volume from 5 to 25 mL.

The enFuse also offers flexibility for the place of delivery, whether in a hospital or clinic, in CVS or Walgreens or at home by a healthcare provider or self-administered by the user.

Enable Injections provides our Pharma partners the ultimate flexibility in the manufacture and distribution of their drug because enFuse utilizes the original container closure. The container, the manufacturing process, storage or the distribution of the drug does not need to be modified in order to utilize the enFuse.

enFuse can be paired with either a vial transfer system or a syringe transfer system for transfer of drug from the original container into the enFuse at the time of use.

The vial transfer system transfers the entire contents of the vial automatically into the injector. The syringe transfer system is ideal for weight based dosing or variable dosing and is ideal for clinical studies.

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The investigational enFuse® system has not been approved for use by any regulatory agency and is currently not approved for commercial use.