enFuse® Wearable Delivery

enFuse® Wearable Delivery

enFuse® Wearable Delivery

The enFuse® Wearable Delivery System consists of the enFuse paired with a Transfer System option.


Syringe Transfer System


Vial Transfer System

The enFuse and Transfer System provide the user with a complete system to:

  1. Transfer the drug from the original container closure to the enFuse
  2. Deliver a dose

Patient-friendly features include:

  • Constant pressure delivery, which adapts the flow to the pressure in the subcutaneous (SC) tissue
  • Gauge, which displays the relative status of the delivery progress for the user

How to use the enFuse®:


Step 1:

  • Remove the enFuse from the transfer base and place on the skin.
  • The adhesive is automatically exposed by removing the enFuse from the base.
  • Remove the safety tab.

Step 2:

  • Press the Button.
  • The needle is automatically inserted.
  • Controlled flow of the drug begins.
  • The gauge facing the user shows the relative progress of the delivery status.

Step 3:

  • A visible cue indicates the end of the dose.
  • Remove and dispose of the enFuse.
  • Button automatically retracts needle and locks-out upon dose completion.
  • The needle is never exposed to the user.
  • Both the enFuse and the transfer system are single use.