Getting Care to Patients – A New Paradigm

How Pharma Can Revolutionize Patient Convenience through Delivery Technology

Key opinion leaders, Dr. John Fox and Dr. Len Lichtenfeld joined Enable Injections CEO, Mike Hooven, to discuss how Pharma can provide flexible care to patients, providers, and payers to create a better, more cost-effective, and differentiated infusion experience. A quick survey at the beginning of our webinar found that 56% of the audience says their company is currently investing in “bringing care to the patient”. In our webinar, Getting Care to Patients, we dive into why flexible care options are paving the future for healthcare.

Getting Care to Patients

The Activated Patient

Today’s healthcare landscape is rapidly changing – patients and providers are seeing what is possible in terms of patient-centric care. “We are moving into a different era – this doesn’t apply to every patient but will apply more and more – in the sense that patients want more control over their care. I call this the activated patient”, says Lichtenfeld. Fox says, “We have to find ways to improve the patient experience and deliver care in the way that’s best for [patients]. COVID opened our eyes to new opportunities and created new expectations among patients.” “Today, we have options to make care more personalized and flexible. The enFuse is a step forward for patients,” says Lichtenfeld.

The Unmet Need

Fox and Lichtenfeld discuss the increasing demands of flexible options for patients and providers. Fox says, “It is a herculean effort to organize transportation for a day long trek to the oncologist office for an infusion. The ability to deliver in the patient’s home or in the clinic in a very short timeframe will have a lot of benefits for patients and caregivers.”


Enable Injections 25 mL enFuse for large volume subcutaneous delivery

“There has been a push in the pharma industry to try to get medications that can be delivered in different ways,” says Lichtenfeld. Alternative delivery approaches are increasingly important due to:

  1. An aging population
  2. Increasing autoimmune disease requiring treatment
  3. Increasing cancer cases

These factors call for the global need to improve efficiencies and accommodate growth.

The Future of Delivery

Patients are burdened with regular visits to the clinic, and immediately recognize the change that the enFuse delivery technology could make in their lives. Patients are no longer bystanders. They expect to be involved in their health decisions.

“With the right drug, someone may get their health back. With the right drug delivery, someone may get their life back.”

enFuse® enables a range of flexible delivery options for patients and healthcare providers, including a range of viscosities, volumes, delivery times, and sites for administration. Mike Hooven says, “We took this very broad approach because we understand that the best solutions are the ones that allow maximum flexibility and options for the patient, provider, and the pharma partner.” Additionally, enFuse® offers EnywhereCareTM flexibility, allowing in-clinic or outside clinic administration with a healthcare provider to at-home self-administration. enFuse is currently available for investigational use only.

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