Letter from Mike Hooven, CEO, Enable Injections

Letter from Mike Hooven

18 MAY 2020

The current state in which we now live is one we could not have imagined three months ago. The Coronavirus pandemic is impacting the way we live our lives, as a global community, and as a country, on both corporate and personal levels. It is now more important than ever to find a way to continue our lives closer to home, including taking prescribed therapies. This current situation is raising the stakes on the importance of our work at Enable Injections.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the availability and safety for patients to receive infusions at a healthcare facility or via a home health care provider has changed swiftly. Patients may be faced with being unable to receive their therapeutics in the way they previously received them. Pandemic measures have caused healthcare resources to shift and facilities to refocus care. Limits on social contact and mandatory distancing have impacted patient care in unprecedented ways.

Enable Injections enFuse

Enable Injections enFuse®

Even before the Coronavirus pandemic, Enable Injections had a goal to change the future of healthcare by finding a solution for patients to receive their therapy outside of the clinic. Enable will continue to press on in our development of innovative infusion technologies in conjunction with our pharmaceutical partners to achieve this goal.

In the weeks and months to come, all of us at Enable will be committed to continuing forward with an unwavering and unrelenting focus on our goal – to improve the lives of patients and to change the future of infusion that will someday bring infusion closer to home.

Contact us to learn more about the enFuse patient-focused technologies under development.