New Utility Patent and enFuse® Vial Transfer System Technology

In new, exciting intellectual property news, Enable Injections has been granted a utility patent covering the enFuse® Vial Transfer System technology.

enFuse Vial Transfer System

Meet the enFuse® Vial Transfer System (photo, above).

Gas Transfer Utility Patent

The new Gas Transfer utility patent covers claims over utilizing a pressurized gas source to transfer fluid from a vial to an injector. Enable Injections currently holds two utility patents issued in the US, multiple foreign patents issued worldwide, and has dozens of patents pending in the US and worldwide.

enFuse® Vial Transfer Technology

What makes the enFuse Vial Transfer technology so special? We are glad you asked…

The enFuse utilizes transfer systems which allow the user to transfer the therapeutic from the original container (syringe or vial) to the enFuse Infusor at the time of use.

The Vial Transfer Base is designed to transfer the contents of a vial to the enFuse infusor. The user simply inserts the vial into the base to initiate transfer, and the transfer of the entire vial contents is completed automatically with no additional user input.

The enFuse Vial Transfer System is under development, and is not currently FDA approved.

Click the image above to watch the functioning enFuse Vial Transfer System.

The Advantage of Utilizing Original Container Closure

The enFuse platform is designed to leverage existing primary container closure systems, which eliminates the need for additional drug compatibility testing, additional filling and manufacturing lines, and additional stability testing risk. By utilizing the original container closure, the enFuse platform offers an exciting potential option for biopharmaceutical partners looking to minimize incremental development costs and time.

More about Enable Injections

Enable Injections is focused on the development of combination products that bring together novel drug delivery technology with therapies for the treatment of serious and life-threatening conditions. Our proprietary, patient-centered product portfolio is designed for the convenient self-administration of large volumes of small molecule and biologic therapies, which enables the patient to control when and where they receive their medication.

To learn more about the enFuse and its Vial Transfer System, please contact us.