Published Articles

Published Articles


Fierce Medtech’s Fierce 15 of 2023

March 2024 – Fierce Biotech

On-Body Delivery System enFuse Saves Time, Improves QOL for Patients

February 2024 – AJMC

ORI Capital Collects $260 Million for Second Life-Sciences Venture Fund

February 2024 – Wall Street Journal

Enable Injections expands manufacturing with 90,000ft² facility

February 2024 – Medical Device Network

Enable Injections to expand manufacturing facility to support drug delivery device production

February 2024 – Drug Delivery Business News

Enable Injections to invest $120M+ in manufacturing center, HQ as it looks to double headcount in Cincinnati

February 2024 – Cincinnati Business Courier

Enable Injections promotes COO from within

February 2024 – Drug Delivery Business News

Enable Injections names new chief operating officer on heels of key FDA approval

February 2024 – Cincinnati Business Courier

What’s Happening in Health

December 2023 – Local 12 WKRC

Company produces wearable device that eases medicine delivery process

October 2023 – Local 12 WKRC

FDA Approves Apellis’ Device for Self-Administration of PNH Drug

October 2023 – Global Genes

FDA Approves Pegcetacoplan Injector for Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria

October 2023 – CancerNetwork

FDA Approves On-Body Injector for Self Administration of Pegcetacoplan for PNH

October 2023 – OncLive

Fast Five Medtech News Podcast

October 2023 – MassDevice

FDA Approves Enable Injections’ Wearable Injector

October 2023 – PharmExec

FDA approves Empaveli injector for PNH patients

October 2023 – Medical Device Network

FDA approves wearable injector from Enable Injections

October 2023 – Drug Delivery Business News

A New Frontier: Self-Administration of Lyophilized, Large-Volume Subcutaneous Biologics

September 2023 – ONdrugDelivery

Injection Devices: Designing in Sustainability, Usability & Digitization for Patient Compliance

September 2023 – Drug Development & Delivery

Reduce Pharma Development Time: Large-Volume Subcutaneous Delivery with the enFuse

January 2023 – ONdrugDelivery

Enable Injections to search for new HQ site in Greater Cincinnati amid hiring spree

November 2022 – Business Courier

Evendale company Enable Injections adds 250 jobs, seeks new headquarters

October 2022 – WCPO Channel 9

Enable Injections lands millions in incentives to add 257 jobs, double payroll as FDA approval looms

October 2022 – Business Courier

Systemic IgG exposure and safety in patients with primary immunodeficiency: a randomized crossover study comparing a novel investigational wearable infusor versus the Crono pump

September 2022 – Future Medicine

Injection Devices: Three Trends Influencing Development & Delivery

September 2022 – Drug Development & Delivery

Flexible Care – Enable Wearable Delivery

September 2022 – ONdrugDelivery

Cincinnati ranks among M25’s top 10 best Midwest startup cities

August 2022 – Business Courier

Health-tech startups are still raising cash despite a VC funding cooldown. Here are the 18 biggest deals so far in 2022.

July 2022 – Business Insider

Getting Ready for the Future of Health Care

July 2022 – Cincinnati Magazine, Realm

ASCO 22 interview: Sanofi innovates in multiple myeloma

June 2022 – The Pharma Letter

Permission to launch – Three startups stand at the precipice, but only one can be Cincinnati’s first $10 billion brand

April 2022 – Business Courier

VC investment is falling so far in 2022, except in Cincinnati

April 2022 – Business Courier

Cincinnati startup key player in $330M Blackstone-backed drug collaboration

April 2022 – Business Courier

Rooting for a come-from-behind win, Blackstone infuses $330M into Sanofi’s CD38 development plan

March 2022 – Endpoints News

Playing catch-up with J&J, Sanofi taps Blackstone for $300M to fund pivotal trial of subcutaneous Sarclisa

March 2022 – Fierce Pharma

Sanofi Announces €300 Million Collaboration With Blackstone Life Sciences To Advance An Innovative Treatment For Multiple Myeloma

March 2022 – Pharmaceutical Online

Medical Devices industry venture financing deals total $1.2bn in US in January 2022

February 2022 – Medical Device Network

The 9 Largest US Tech Startup Funding Rounds of January 2022

February 2022 – AlleyWatch

VCs infuse $215M into Sanofi-backed wearable subcutaneous drug delivery player Enable Injections

February 2022 – FiercePharma

Enable Injections brings in $215M

January 2022 – Pitchbook

Enable Injections shatters region’s previous fundraising record with $215M Series C

January 2022 – Business Courier

The Week’s 10 Biggest Funding Rounds

January 2022 – Crunchbase News

Shot in the arm for wearable drug delivery system

January 2022 – Health Tech World

What You Need to Know about Drug Delivery Innovations

January 2022 – MedTech Outlook

Location, Location, Location: Ohio Is Benefitting in Tech Growth as a Major Transportation Hub

October 2021 – MarketWatch

Drug Delivery: What Do Patients and Providers Want?

September 2021 – OnDrugDelivery

Injection Devices: Designing Simplicity, Safety & Adherence Into One Delivery System

August 2021 – Drug Development & Delivery

Enhancing Healthcare Arena with His Pioneering Leadership

May 2021 – C Level Focus

Reimagining Patient Access to Treatment

April 2021 – LinkedIn

Rethinking Drug Delivery: Innovation to Improve Patient Access to Care

March 2021 – LinkedIn

Delaying Therapy or Risking Exposure: A Decision No One Should Have to Make

January 2021 – LinkedIn

Oracle and SAP Are Fighting over Startups

January 2021 – Protocol

Injection Devices: Will COVID-19 Deliver Growth to the Market?

September 2020 – Drug Development & Delivery

The New Patient-Centricity

September 2020 – OnDrugDelivery

Marketing to 100-Year-Olds: How Longevity Will Transform Finance, Healthcare and Education

February 2020 – Forbes

Drug Delivery Designed to Improve the Patient Experience

February 2020 – OnDrugDelivery

This Pharma Startup Could Transform How Chronic Diseases Are Treated

November 2019 – Forbes

A Medical Startup Is Aiming to Produce Millions of Devices at the Flip of a Switch

November 2019 – Business Insider

SMBs Focus on Future with S/4Hana and SAP Intelligent Enterprise – Medical Device Startup Enable Injections Is Small Now but Intends to Be Big Soon

November 2019 – Tech Target

Key Challenges in Successful Wearable Drug Delivery & Patient Self-Administration

September 2019 – OnDrugDelivery

Injection Devices: Wearables, Connectivity & Patient-Centric Designs Empower Self-Administration

September 2019 – Drug Development & Delivery

Putting Drug Delivery into Patients’ Hands

June 2019 – PharmTech

Cincinnati firm inks land deal, plans huge expansion

June 2019 – Business Courier

Patient Tolerability with High-Viscosity, Large-Volume Subcutaneous Infusions

May 2019 – OnDrugDelivery

Considering Alternative Dosage Forms in Biologics

March 2019 – BioPharm International

Enable Injections: Innovating to Share in the Success of Biologic Therapies

November 2018 – BioPharma Dealmakers, Nature

Biologic Drugs and Their Delivery Systems: A Symbiosis Key to Commercial Success

Sept, 2018 – ONdrugDelivery

SPECIAL FEATURE – Injection Devices: As Self-Injection Grows, Drug Delivery Gets Smarter

Sept, 2018 – Drug Development & Delivery

MedAdNews Special Feature – Mike Hooven, CEO of Enable Injections

Aug, 2018 – MedAdNews

Wearables: This Season’s Must-Have Marketing Accessory

Aug. 21st, 2018 – eyeforpharma

10 Effective Adherence Solutions Available Today

Aug. 1st, 2018 – PM360

A Medical Device Innovator’s Long Road To Success

Jul. 5th, 2018 – LifeScienceLeader

Enable Injections enFuse Makes Self-Administered Biologics Less Intimidating

May 23, 2018 – Medgadget

Enable Injections and Flex Set Ambitious Plans For Large Volume Drug Delivery

May 10, 2018 – ONdrugDelivery

Wearable Injection Devices Address Delivery Challenges

Apr. 01, 2018 – BioPharm International

Game Changers 2018: Enable Injections

Mar. 15, 2018 – MM&M

Why the Midwest is Becoming America’s Most Surprising Biotech Hub

Feb. 6, 2018 – Ozy

Opportunities and Challenges in Biologic Drug Delivery

Dec. 22, 2017 – American Pharmaceutical Review

Wearable Large Volume Injectors Hold Promise for Success in Commercialization of Biologics

Dec. 1, 2017 – Journal of Commercial Biotechnology

How Enable Injections Plans to Bring Value to Pharma with its Drug-Delivery Device

Nov. 27, 2017 – Drug Delivery Business News

Cincinnati-made Device Could Reshape the Healthcare Industry

Oct. 6, 2017 – Cincinnati Business Courier

Wearable Injector Platform: The Case For Early Partnering

Sept. 2017 – ONdrugDelivery

Enable Injections: High-Volume Drug Delivery Supplants IV Infusion

Sept. 2017 – Drug Development & Delivery

To De-Risk Patient Acceptance of Biologic Drugs, Focus Early on Delivery

Sept. 2017 – Drug Development & Delivery

Using LVWIs to Drive Pharmaceutical Marketing: Combination Products Give Patients a New, Far Better, Injection Experience

Sept. 5, 2017 – MM&M

Enable Injections Finds Fertile Environment For Growth in Greater Cincinnati

July. 17, 2017 – REDI Cincinnati

Beyond Connectivity: Enable & FLEX Announce The Enable Smart Device

June 2017 – ONdrugDelivery

Combination Products: Enable Injections’ Large-Volume Wearable Injector Solves the Problem of Biologics Delivery

May 23, 2017 – MM&M

Enable Injections Inc.: Large-Volume Injectors Differentiate Combination Products

May 2017 – Drug Development & Delivery

Marketing Outside the Box

May 2017 – PharmaTimes

Solving the Problem of Biologic Delivery: Large Volume Wearable Injectors

Apr. 13, 2017 – BiotechBlog

Expiring Biologics? Not So Fast

Mar. 21, 2017 – pharmaLEADERS

My Other Life with Mike Hooven

Mar. 17, 2017 – PM360

Disruptive Delivery Technology Partnerships Are Key to Pharmaceutical Life Cycle Management

Jan. 18, 2017 – Drug Development & Delivery

ENABLE INJECTIONS: A Patient-Friendly Device for the Self-Administration of Biologics

Dec. 22, 2016 – MedTech Strategist

These are the Cincinnati startups to watch in 2017

Dec. 27, 2016 – Cincinnati Business Courier

Disruptive Delivery Technology Partnerships

Nov. 23, 2016 – PM360

Sophisticated Connected Wearables: Boosting Biologics ’ Compliance, Value & Patient Satisfaction

Oct. 05, 2016 – Drug Development & Delivery

Pharma Company Innovation & Lifecycle Management: Delivery Devices as the New Key to Product Success

Sep. 19, 2016 – ONdrugDelivery

Delivery Science Can Play a Significant Role in Patient-Focused Innovation While Reducing Drug Prices, Health System Costs

Aug. 24, 2016 – Controlled Release Society

Industry Perspectives

Jul. 07, 2016 – Drug Development & Delivery