Sanofi announces partnership with Enable Injections, Inc. on subcutaneous delivery for Sarclisa®

In a press release today, Sanofi announces partnership with Enable Injections, Inc. on subcutaneous delivery for Sarclisa®.

Sanofi announces €300 million collaboration with Blackstone Life Sciences to advance an innovative treatment for multiple myeloma

Enable Injections is delighted with the public news, announcing our partnership with Sanofi for the subcutaneous formulation and delivery of the anti-CD38 antibody Sarclisa®, to treat patients with multiple myeloma (MM).

“For the Sarclisa® subcutaneous formulation delivery, Sanofi has partnered with drug delivery technology innovator company Enable Injections, Inc. to advance the development of a subcutaneous delivery for Sarclisa® with the goal of offering a unique patient-centric treatment experience.” Click to read the full press release.

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To learn more about partnering with Enable Injections and our innovative enFuse® drug delivery technology, contact us.