enFuse® On-Body Platform

enFuse® On-Body Platform

The Enable enFuse® On-Body Platform

The enFuse® On-Body Platform consists of the enFuse On-Body Infusor (in development and designed for fill capacity of 10 mL, 25 mL, and 50 mL) that can be paired with one of three different Transfer System options.

The Enable On-Body System consists of a single infusor and associated filling system called a Transfer Base. The Transfer Base combined with each single infusor provides the user with a complete system to 1) transfer the drug from the original container closure to the infusor, and 2) deliver a dose.

Three transfer base systems are being developed:

  • Syringe Transfer System
  • Vial Transfer System
  • Reconstitution Transfer System
Technology - Enable Injections

Syringe Transfer System

  • Uses any standard or prefilled ISO 80369-7 compliant syringe with luer lock
  • Allows variable or fixed dosing
  • Maximum flexibility for biopharma

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Vial Transfer System

  • One-step transfer of drug to infusor
  • Designed for simplicity

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Reconstitution Transfer System

  • Manual or automatic mixing and reconstitution of lyophilized product
  • Uses standard container closure vial
  • Powder / liquid vial or liquid / liquid vials

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