Human Factors

Enable Injections uses human factors, the study of how people interact with technology, personalized medicine, equipment and work environments, to guide the design of all of our enFuse™ platforms for at home infusion. The goal is to provide a product that users prefer and can use safely and effectively to administer their injectable therapies. This goal is achieved through an iterative design and evaluation process where use errors are investigated, root causes identified, and mitigations implemented until the likelihood of use errors has been reduced to the greatest extent possible.

Unmet User Needs

  • Delivery of IV drugs by healthcare professionals is inconvenient and expensive
  • Whether administered in a clinic or at home, patients lose part of their day
  • Current self-administration methods (syringe pumps & auto injectors) can have complex set-ups and are cumbersome with needles, tubing sets and pump

Primary Focus of Design: User Convenience

  • Available in multiple sizes to more easily pair with various dosing volumes and frequencies
  • Eases self-administration in the home
  • Friendly looking to reduce anxiety
  • Smallest profile and size for the highest volume
  • Promotes mobility

User Interface Features

  • Button inserts and retracts needle, pops out at end of infusion and locks out after use to prevent needle stick and reuse
  • Retainer holds the enFuse™ to the transfer set during fill, deters premature removal and is easy to remove with either hand
  • Syringe and Vial wells guide the drug container to the center of the well for proper alignment and easy connection
  • Finger Grip Areas provide prominent finger placement for ease of handling the enFuse™
  • Fill Gauge / Markers show how much drug is in the enFuse™ during filling and dispense