Thinking Clinically: Potential Benefits with the enFuse

Our next video in our Enable Wearable Delivery executive video series features Mehul Desai, Vice President of Medical Affairs. Tune in to learn more about potential clinical benefits for the enFuse!

Transcript below:

I’m Mehul Desai and I’m the Vice President of Medical Affairs at Enable Injections. I’m a pharmacist by training with a background working on treatments for rare diseases all of which were intravenous or subcutaneous therapies.

After seeing and experiencing the limitations of current drug delivery routes throughout my career, the enFuse technology resonated with me.

Current drug delivery routes such as intravenous, syringe, syringe pumps and autoinjectors have limitations including a visible needle, volume restrictions and hands-on administration among others.

One of the most exciting potential benefits around the enFuse technology is the potential to demonstrate clinical benefit. A unique aspect of the technology is the use of a constant-pressure design utilizing elastomeric technology rather than a constant-flow design using an electromechanical pump. This design allows the enFuse to automatically adapt to the injection site back pressure, and it is hypothesized to potentially alleviate infusion site leakage and pain.

Among other benefits, the enFuse has a hidden needle and provides flexibility. About a quarter of the adult population demonstrates a needle phobia; fortunately, the needle is hidden the entire time the patient handles the enFuse so this design has the potential to positively impact adherence. As for flexibility, the enFuse is a hands free administration so this could increase flexibility by allowing treatment in a clinic or at home.

With these differentiating factors, we believe that the enFuse technology has the potential to revolutionize drug delivery and enable wearable delivery for patients.


The investigational enFuse® system has not been approved for use by any regulatory agency and is currently not approved for commercial use.