Enable Injections

Providing a comfortable injection experience through a discrete body-worn device.

Enable their day!
Enable their day!
Syringe Transfer System
Vial Transfer System
Reconstitution System

User Advantages

  • Discreet – small, low profile, light-weight
    • Tactile feedback at end of dose
    • Infuse/Inject on-the-go 
  • Automatic warming of refrigerated drug
    • No device storage in refrigerator
    • No waiting for drug to warm
  • Comfortable injection - fast or controlled
    • Rate adapts to individual user
    • Unique ‘Pause’ feature stops injection
    • Designed to minimize injection pain
  • Minimum Administration Time
    • Minimal device preparation


Bio-Pharma Advantages

  • High Volume
    • up to 5ml, 10ml, 20ml, 30ml, 40ml, 50ml
  • Standard container closure
    • Vial, or syringe
    • No new mfg filling process
    • No long-term stability testing
    • Minimizes cold-chain storage
    • Supply chain flexibility
    • Reduces risk, cost, time
  • Flexible Dosing
    • Dose loaded at point of delivery
    • Useful for clinical studies
  • A Platform Technology
    • up to 10ml completed clinical studies 
Enable Injection: Treatment developed by you. The future delivered by us.