Enable Manufacturing Excellence: State-of-the-Art Modular Scalable Manufacturing

Manufacturing Excellence

State-of-the-Art Modular Scalable Manufacturing

Enable Injections develops and manufactures on-body delivery systems designed to improve the patient experience. The enFuse® technology has the potential to be life-changing for patients with the goal of improving the way patients currently receive medicines. To meet the needs of our pharma partners and get the enFuse into patients’ hands worldwide, we have designed in-house manufacturing processes to accommodate automated high-volume production. Each Modular Scalable Manufacturing line will allow production of 1.5 million units per year.

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Enable Injections Modular Scalable Manufacturing 1-minute video Showcase

Enable Injections Modular Scalable Manufacturing

Enable Injections Modular Scalable Manufacturing (MSM)

Expertise in Automated Inspections

During the manufacturing process, each component is individually inspected to ensure quality specifications are met or exceeded for our partners. Automated inspection systems are programmed to make critical decisions throughout the highly verified manufacturing process. In each cycle, vision systems take more than 1,000 measurements.

Expertise in Robotic Assembly

Enable Injections is focused on delivering high-quality manufactured products to our pharma partners. To achieve this, we have spent years designing a precise method of manufacturing. The robotic assembly line is designed with anthropomorphic, or human-like, movements and programmed with decision-making capabilities. One of our most precise processes is the automatic needle install process which accommodates a range of needle sizes.

Expertise in Data Collection and Reporting

Each enFuse is serialized with an invisible 2-D barcode. The serialization of the units is intended to help our team identify trends across the product lifecycle, from manufacturing to patient use. The barcode on each enFuse is connected to a data collection and analysis system called eNET.

eNET monitors physical components of the enFuse to control, measure and analyze various manufacturing processes in real time. Throughout the process, eNET captures process and performance data. The data is used for product traceability and defining trends to monitor product quality.


The enFuse technology is an innovative solution with the goal of improving the patient experience. Enable’s mission is to redefine drug delivery for the benefit of patients, providers, payers, and partners. Enable Injections manufacturing technology makes it possible.

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