Dual Vial Transfer System

Dual Vial
Transfer System

enFuse® Dual Vial Transfer System

The Dual Vial Transfer System is in development to provide a method for mixing, reconstituting, and transferring lyophilized formulations, or for mixing two liquid formulations. The system accommodates standard container closure vials. Both vials attach easily to quickly mix and fill the enFuse®. The system can be used with the 10 mL, 25 mL, or 50 mL capacity and is ready for use immediately after mixing and transferring.


Automatic Reconstitution Transfer System

The Automatic Reconstitution Transfer System is being developed as a fully automated mixing/reconstituting and filling system that is capable of mixing two vials of liquid or liquid and powder. The user simply inserts the two vials into the receptacles, initiating fully-automated mixing and transfer of the drug.

  • Fully-automatic mixing or reconstitution
  • No user input; simple to use
  • Uniform mixing process
  • Reconstitution vial(s)
  • Liquid – liquid mixing vial(s)
  • Minimizes cold-chain storage