Enable Smart enFuse®

Enable Smart enFuse®

The Enable Smart enFuse® supports next generation patient – healthcare provider connections. Enable’s enFuse flexibility, EnywhereCareTM, allows a range of delivery options from in-clinic to at-home self-administration of therapeutics. The Smart enFuse® utilizes low-energy broadcast technology to communicate with an app installed on the user’s smartphone, and integrates with a company’s Digital Health Platform.

The Smart enFuse is designed for simplicity of use for both the patient and provider.

Enable Injections Smart enFuse® is in development for compatibility with digital infrastructure, enabling data storage and communication capability.

To learn more about Enable’s next generation development of the Smart enFuse solution, contact us.



  • Eliminates extra steps to engage monitoring
  • Offers real-time enFuse data
  • Communicates meaningful data
  • Supports patient connectivity


  • Bluetooth Low Energy broadcast-only hardware
  • Unusable binary numbers transmitted unless proper application is installed on receiving device
  • Software is loaded onto the device during assembly, preventing unauthorized alteration once deployed
  • HIPAA compliant data transmission

Minimized Power Consumption

  • Radio transmission signals utilize Bluetooth Low Energy broadcast mode
  • Sleep mode, wakes only when new data needs to be broadcast
  • Bluetooth Low Energy broadcast-only requires no “listening” for data from host device


  • User interaction with the smart system is simple and intuitive using a smartphone app
  • Data transmission is automatic

Minimized Cost

  • Integrated electronics are small (microchip) fitting inside the enFuse profile for a convenient package
  • Low cost broadcast