Enable Smart enFuse™

Enable Smart enFuse®

The Enable Smart enFuse® is the next generation smart device utilizing Bluetooth Low Energy technology. Low-energy broadcast mode powers Enable’s strategy of designing simple systems. The Enable Smart enFuse™ wearable infusor can be pre-integrated into a company’s Digital Health Platform. The Smart enFuse capability powers all sizes of the enFuse platform.

Enable Injections Smart enFuse® is in development to be compatible with digital infrastructure to power data storage and communication capability.

To learn more about Enable’s next generation development of the Smart enFuse Bluetooth connected device, contact us.


Design Features

  • Offers real-time device performance data


  • Bluetooth Low Energy broadcast-only hardware prohibits hijacking or loading of malicious software
  • Unusable binary numbers transmitted unless proper application is installed on receiving device
  • Software is loaded onto the device during assembly, preventing unauthorized alteration once deployed
  • HIPAA compliant data transmission

Minimized Power Consumption

  • Only radio transmission signals from device provided by Bluetooth Low Energy broadcast
  • Sleep mode, wakes up only when new data needs to be broadcast
  • Bluetooth Low Energy broadcast-only requires no “listening” for data from host device


  • User interaction with the smart system is simple and intuitive using a smartphone app
  • Data transmission is automatic

Minimized Cost

  • Integrated electronics are small (microchip) fitting inside the button of the device for a convenient package
  • Low cost broadcast