The Enable enFuse™ On-Body Infusor

The enFuseTM On-Body Infusor is a drug delivery device with a unique technology designed for patient self-administration of high-volume drugs from 5 – 50 mL. The system is designed with novel features to provide comfort, convenience, and simplicity for the patient. These unique features have been aided by Human Factors and User Preference study data, keeping patient comfort and ease-of-use at the center of what we do.

A few patient-centric features include:

  • Constant pressure infusion, which adapts the flow to the pressure in the subcutaneous tissue
  • Tissue tent, designed to ensure consistent needle depth
  • Infusion gauge, which shows the user the status of the infusion progress
  • An active pause function, which allows the patient to pause the infusion at any time

Infusion with the enFuseTM On-Body Infusor follows three steps:

Step 1:

  • Remove the infusor from the transfer base and place on the skin.
  • The adhesive is automatically exposed by removing the infusor from the base.

  • Remove the safety tab.
  • The safety tab supports handedness and can be removed in any direction.

Step 2:

  • Press the Button.
    • The needle is automatically inserted
    • Controlled flow of the drug begins
    • The gauge facing the user shows the infusion progress

Step 3:

  • Remove and dispose of the device.
    • Button automatically retracts needle and locks-out upon dose completion
    • A visible cue indicates the end of the dose
    • The needle is never exposed to the user